Positive Teenagers

Positive TeenagersPositive Teenager Years
Television shows, movies, and advertisements present the teenager years as being tumultuous and negative, and the relationship between teenagers and parents as an angry, drawn-out battle. And while there can be no denying that the teenagers today face many problems, confusions, difficulties and challenges, it is important to realize that all stages of life contain challenges. The teenager years do not have to be negative, and this website is designed to help teens and parents nurture positive teenager years by offering some facts and tips on common issues teenagers encounter.

Info about Teenagers
“Teenager” is slang for adolescence, a period of human development between childhood and adulthood, when the human body begins to approach physical, sexual, and mental maturity. These biological changes are referred to as “puberty”, and although everyone’s body is different and begins and ends puberty at different ages, in American society “teenager” typically refers to all youth between the ages of 13 and 18.

Puberty can begin between ages 8 and 13 for girls, and ages 10 to 15 for boys. The pituitary gland begins releasing hormones which unlock growth and hormone production in other parts of the body, resulting in such changes which give the human body the ability to reproduce. These changes usually come along with “side effects” most people don’t like dealing with: clumsiness, growing pains, and acne. Puberty may be awkward and uncomfortable, but this process is completely natural! Teenagers and their parents should remember that everyone’s body is different and goes through puberty in different ways and at different times. That’s ok!