Teeanger Body Image & Confidence

Teenager Body ImageBody image is how a person sees and feels about their own body. Frequently teenagers have negative body images- they do not like the way they look. Others have false body images- they believe that in order to be beautiful, they need to have a Barbie-like figure. Again, knowledge is empowering, and it is important for teenagers to educate themselves about how to love their bodies and have realistic, positive views. This section offers some brief facts about body image.

The media has presented our society with false beauty image, expressing through movies, music videos, and advertisements that certain body weights, shapes, and appearances are required for a person to be beautiful. Many blame the prevalence of eating disorders on these impossible beauty images. Obsessions with perfect skin have helped create obsessions with being tan. Nearly 2.3 million teens tan artificially indoors alone, despite the fact that each year over 62,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma, and 8,000 will die.

Fortunately, growing social movements have been counteracting false body images, promoting the fact that all bodies are different and should not be held to the same standard. Healthy is beautiful. Public awareness campaigns, particularly using the medium of the Internet, have helped reveal that the flawless women presented in the media are frequently airbrushed or photo-shopped.

Teenagers who find that they have negative thoughts or feelings about their body should do more research on how to have positive body image, because it is possible! Your body does not affect your worth, and you should confidence and comfort with yourself. Parents should be careful not to make negative comments about their own bodies in front of their children, and encourage their teens to have positive body views and confidence.

Educate yourself! Because the fact of the matter is that if Barbie were a real person, her lower body would not support her upper body, and she would have to walk on all fours.