Teenager Academics, Activities & Employment

Being a positive teenager is about finding balances. It is important that teenager have time to get plenty of sleep, rest, and time for fun, but the teenage years should be a time for preparing for the future.


Today, more and more people are going to college, so it is important for teenagers to take their academics seriously and get the best grades that they can. School comes easier to some students than others, but each student must work his or her hardest. However, good grades are not the only thing that colleges consider. It is also important that students demonstrate well roundness, by being involved in some kind of extra-curricular activity, like art, band, or a language club.

It is also important for a teenager to have some volunteer work, which will show colleges that the teenager in someway contributes to his or her community. This is also a good life-lesson to teach to teenagers- each of us should give something back. Teenagers do not need to spend all of their time volunteering- a few hours each month spent working with something a teenager is passionate about is more than enough. For example, a teenager could volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter twice a month.

College is expensive, so it also a good idea for teenagers to get jobs and start saving money. Many jobs have flexible work hours for high school students. Each state has local and federal labor laws which make sure that teenagers do not work too much, so make sure you are aware of the labor laws in your area.

The teenage years are good years for learning, experiencing, and preparing for the future. Embrace them!